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Types of Cryptocurrencies

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Classification of cryptocurrencies by Project

In 2008, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin [] and its innovative and disruptive blockchain technology1 were introduced. From its techno-libertarian beginnings, Bitcoin, and a host of other cryptocurrencies have turbulently erupted into the mainstream. In an overall story of tremendous growth, by February 2018 around 1500 cryptocurrencies existed with their total market capitalization hitting an all-time high of $830 billion on 7 January 2018, and then crashing to $280 billion in the following month—a sensational drop, but only partially undoing gains made in Q4 2017. Growth potential and market action have therefore attracted huge attention among retail and institutional investors, who are rushing into the new ‘crypto-world’,2 whose hype is based on the key promise that cryptocurrency technology can deliver decentralized systems that avoid trust and reliance upon centralized authorities, and keep power in the hands of the users. A range of disruptive use cases, some more speculative than others, are foreseen.3 At the same time, well-known figures from central banks, governments, financial institutions and other status quo agents have censured the cryptocurrency space—calling it a ‘scam’ with zero fundamental value. Unsurprisingly, regulators are watching the space, and their early statements about potential regulation send shock waves through the market.